And out came the flowers

Today I have a how to flower lace pattern to share with you. It is very similar to my last post with the circle lace card. Again it was all created in Silhouette Studio

First off I started with creating a bunch of flowers. To create the flowers:

  1. Make an oval using the ellipse tool
  2. From there I sometimes used the offset tool to make an internal offset like with the circles. Don’t forget to subtract tool in the modify window if you want centers to be hollow.
  3. Select your oval and then go to the Replicate window.
  4. There you can choose to Rotate Three Copies or even up to five copies. Test each one out to see how it looks with more or less petals on your flower.
  5. Then weld all the copies together.
  6. Now you have your basic flower.

I made several different types of flowers using the same method but changed the number of replicates and the shapes.

When you are ready to piece the flowers together to get a lace pattern I highly recommended starting at the bottom, if you are creating a card similar to this one. That way you can get a straighter line at the bottom that looks more natural. I did not do that with the last circle card and that is why one part juts out more than I would have liked. So I think I will redo that one in the future.

Circle Circle Dot Dot…

It has been awhile since I created something from scratch.  I am proud to say that this card was entirely made in Silhouette Studio. It is a circle pattern that I have seen around. I really liked the pattern so I decided to make it into a card, but it could easily be made to be a scrapbook page.

To create hollow circles

  1. To create perfect circles in Silhouette Studio and Photoshop hold down the SHIFT key when adjusting the size of the circle.
  2. To make the center of the circles hollow I did an internal offset in the Offset Menu.
  3. Select the inner and outer circles and under the Modify Menu used the Subtract tool.
  4. Now you have a hollow circle, so when you weld the circles together they will weld with the hollow circles and not just have the outer circles weld obscuring the inner ring. If you are working in Silhouette Studio you will know what I mean by this. It is super frustrating.
  5. And then when you are done send it to your Silhouette Cameo to cut.

And Ta Da! You have an your own circle design.

Last Day of Doctor Who Week

Day 5 -Tardis Parking Stall

Today is the last day of Doctor Who week. And for the last day I have another vinyl piece. It is another Tardis but for a Tardis parking stall. I thought that it was a really cool image that I found when I was searching Doctor Who things.

This was made exactly like the vinyl stencils from Day 2 of Doctor Who week. Drag the image into Silhouette Studio and use the trace tool and cut. After weeded the excess vinyl away. Placed the Clear Contact Paper on top and now it is ready to be placed on anything.

I made this image to be about 5″ X 7″. I wanted have something larger so that it could be put a picture frame or even on poster board.  Another reason why I really like the doing things digitally is because it is so easy to enlarge or shrink things to the right size.

I have really enjoyed doing a theme week and I am definitely going to continue it one in the future. So stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by for Doctor Who week!


Day 4 -Allons-y! (Let’s Go!)

Today I have another card for you. With Doctor Who’s famous phrase “Allons-y”. It is a basic card that could be used for any occasion.

One more reason that the Cameo is great is that you can use any font that you have on your computer. For this card I used the Doctor Who font. When you download the font file, transfer the tff, true type font, or otf, open font type, to the folder where your fonts are kept on your computer. Now when you open up Silhouette Studio your font will can be used when you click on the Text Icon. As you can see below I cut the phrase “Allons-y” on the card front and glued that down on card.

For the little Tardis I used this stencil. I wanted something that wasn’t as detailed because I knew that I the Tardis will be small. To give the Tardis a little extra pop I used dimensionals to raise them up. Also, to have the Tardis stand out just a little more on the card face I used the offset tool around the Tardis so there is a gap and the black of the card comes through.

Happy Birthday Laura!

Day 3 – Tardis Sketch

Today is my BFF, Laura’s, actual birthday. So on her birthday I wanted to show you one of her favorite cards and it is mine as well. It features Amy Chomas’ pen holder, Chomas Creations.

This card takes the same Tardis that was shown Day 2 of Doctor Who week but is now a drawing instead. I took the same Tardis that I already had in Silhouette Studio but replace the cutting blade with Chomas Creation and inserted a the blue gel pen from Gelly Roll Moonlight collection. And then hit the cut button.

When you are doing a card like this you really want to choose your pens carefully. You want one that is smooth and easy flowing. Because the Silhouette Cameo just keeps on going it doesn’t matter if the pen stops working in the middle in its mind it went over the line and therefore a line was drawn. In other words” You will be deleted!”

“Exterminate! Exterminate!”

Day 2 – Dalek & Tardis

Did you know that the Silhouette Cameo can also cut vinyl?

I thought that Dr. Who week was the best time to try cutting vinyl. It was all very simple. It was just like cutting card stock. I took the same Tardis from Pinterest and this Dalek from Doodlecraft and used Silhouette Studio to get the details of the image and then placed the vinyl into the Silhouette and then cut away. Once the image is all cut you weed out the parts that are not part of the image. For the transfer paper I had to use Clear Contact Paper, a clear plastic used to line drawers and cabinets. I searched for the Silhouette transfer paper but I could not find it anywhere. I also found that other people used contact paper as a cheap alternative and it works really well. I can’t compare it to transfer paper but it did the job. I like how it is clear and that I could place exactly where you want it.

Doctor Who?

This week is my best friend Laura’s birthday and in her honour I wanted to do Doctor Who theme week. So everyday this week I will be posting a little something that I made for her. If you want to see all the things early you can see it on her blog, here.

Day 1- The Tardis

I got this Tardis image on Pinterest. Used Silhouette Studio with the trace tool and used the offset tool to get the shape of the Tardis for the background.

For the writing on the front of the card I used the Chomas Creation. It is a holder that fits where the blade goes and then a pen can fit into that holder. So I put in my white gel pen and I was able to get the writing small enough and the font legible. I was also able to use a regular black pen for the sign on the Tardis.

I did run into some pit falls, I tried to complete the Tardis by writing the “Police Public Call Box”. But my hand was too heavy and it did not look right. Luckily the day before I was to give Laura her gifts my order from Chomas Creations came in the mail. This holder is amazing and most of all I can use any pen that I have. I love that it the actual sign although some parts are not legible since the font is too small but you can tell it is the sign. It makes it more like the real thing. I hope you enjoyed and come back tomorrow for more Dr. Who things. Until then Allons-y!


I am participating on the Online Card Classes – A Cut Above. This is my first online card class and I have learned so much from all the videos and info packets that they have for the classes.

One of the things I have learned is how to transform an image into a card. Although I have already done that with the Kyoto Kuties I learned a different way of making a shaped card. So here is a card that I created to participate in the class. The Gnome image is from the Silhouette Studio- ‘gnome’ woodland papa. I duplicated the back and flipped it horizontally and then rotated the image, so that the hinge of the card is at the top and then welded the images together. I hope you enjoy!

Cutting Fun Foam…

Making your own stamp using fun foam. Who wouldn’t want that?

So I went to my local scrapbooking store and got to talking with one of the ladies who work there, who said that she just created a stamp using some foam that was cut by her Silhouette. This got me super excited, making your own stamps with your silhouette! I wanted to help my best friend out with all her new pen pal letters. She was looking for a way to have air mail stamp on her international envelopes. So I set out to make her a simple stamp that she could use.

I choose my image and set the Silhouette blade to 10 and slowed the speed down to 10 as well. Place the fun foam on the mat and was told to tape it down just in case it moved. And then I cut and cut and cut. I think I did double cut about 3 times, so that was cutting 6 times. And it was able to cut through the foam but not all the way and not in the same spot every time. As you can see below it did not cut smoothly especially around the edges. And to boot it dulled my blade as well. Not enough that I need to change the blades just yet. Needless to say I consider this a fail and you really should not cut fun foam. I hope you learn from my trial and error.

Happy Earth Day!

This card is kind of Earth Day related, it has dandelions… I am really loving the modern dandelions that are in style now.

I had this idea to create a floating card face with the dandelions. I created this using Photoshop this time. I had an interesting time getting the pen tool to work. I want the stems to curve but I didn’t want to draw them myself, my hands are very shaky. So getting the curves was fine but getting the stroke to appear was a different matter. This card is actually version 4. In the end it turned out what I had envisioned.