Damask This…

Hello again! This time I wanted to create a card front with a Damask pattern. Damask pattern can be used for a wedding, congratulations, or for any elegant occasion.

This was made in Gimp and then imported into Silhouette Studio. You can find the damask from the online Silhouette studio, it is the one created by Lori Whitlock. I did have to make the damask repeating pattern on my own and then I added the border to finish it off. I did start off trying to make this is Silhouette Studio but I could not get the pattern and border to weld. But I think it still turned out great. Enjoy!


Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Hello,  Here is another card that I created with the Silhouette. I am proud to say that I created this all in Silhouette Studio, but it wasn’t that difficult since it is mostly lines. I had to make sure that I had the colours of the rainbow when I created this. I love how the coloured panels are raised up by dimensions with the happy cut into it. I hope you enjoy!

Spring is Finally Here!

Hi, here is a card that I created last week. Since it is spring I decided to go with a sun ray pattern.

So I just wanted to let you know how my design draft comes about. I start off with a doodle, usually done a scrap piece of paper from work. And then I recreate on the computer. This card was created using Gimp, open source version of Photoshop, to create the layout and then I dragged it into Silhouette Studio and used the trace function and used the filters to create an outline to cut it out with my Silhouette Cameo. Currently I am more proficient with Gimp than I am with Silhouette Studio. Eventually I hope to be just as proficient with both. Until then this will do.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hello World…

Welcome to SketchCuts!

This blog will be about cards, sketches, silhouette cameo, sewing, and some photography. Basically anything to do with creative design. If you are looking for some inspirations and examples I maybe able to help you revitalize your creative bug. Feel free to share your ideas and comments as well!

I will be posting weekly. I hope you enjoy and follow me as I blog, design, sketch, and cut.