I am participating on the Online Card Classes – A Cut Above. This is my first online card class and I have learned so much from all the videos and info packets that they have for the classes.

One of the things I have learned is how to transform an image into a card. Although I have already done that with the Kyoto Kuties I learned a different way of making a shaped card. So here is a card that I created to participate in the class. The Gnome image is from the Silhouette Studio- ‘gnome’ woodland papa. I duplicated the back and flipped it horizontally and then rotated the image, so that the hinge of the card is at the top and then welded the images together. I hope you enjoy!


Cutting Fun Foam…

Making your own stamp using fun foam. Who wouldn’t want that?

So I went to my local scrapbooking store and got to talking with one of the ladies who work there, who said that she just created a stamp using some foam that was cut by her Silhouette. This got me super excited, making your own stamps with your silhouette! I wanted to help my best friend out with all her new pen pal letters. She was looking for a way to have air mail stamp on her international envelopes. So I set out to make her a simple stamp that she could use.

I choose my image and set the Silhouette blade to 10 and slowed the speed down to 10 as well. Place the fun foam on the mat and was told to tape it down just in case it moved. And then I cut and cut and cut. I think I did double cut about 3 times, so that was cutting 6 times. And it was able to cut through the foam but not all the way and not in the same spot every time. As you can see below it did not cut smoothly especially around the edges. And to boot it dulled my blade as well. Not enough that I need to change the blades just yet. Needless to say I consider this a fail and you really should not cut fun foam. I hope you learn from my trial and error.

Happy Earth Day!

This card is kind of Earth Day related, it has dandelions… I am really loving the modern dandelions that are in style now.

I had this idea to create a floating card face with the dandelions. I created this using Photoshop this time. I had an interesting time getting the pen tool to work. I want the stems to curve but I didn’t want to draw them myself, my hands are very shaky. So getting the curves was fine but getting the stroke to appear was a different matter. This card is actually version 4. In the end it turned out what I had envisioned.

Top 5 Digital Cut Blogs

So you have a new cutting machine what can you cut and what is out there that you can cut. Upon my scours of the internet for all things Silhouette and cuttable files I wanted to share with you some of the awesome sites that I have a permanent home on my RSS reader. I would also like you to know that some of these sites are not just Silhouette users. I try and draw inspiration and information for as many places as possible.

  1.  A Cherry Tree Top by Jin Yong. She has some great reviews and a lot of super cute cuttables.This is where I got the Kyoto Kuties cuttable files.
  2. A Little Hut by Patricia Zapata has an amazing talent for all thing paper. Her designs are so simple and elegant. I draw a lot of inspiration from her work.
  3. Chomas Creations by Amy Chomas. She doing some really amazing things with the Chomas pen holder, engraving, writing with gel pens, and even drawing with the Silhouette. This is definitely on my wishlist.
  4. Pretty Paper Paper Ribbons by Lisa. I really like what she has done to her cards as well as to all of her paper creations. She takes the cuttable files and add her own touch to make them all unique.
  5. Laurens Creative by Lauren Brewer. She also has done some amazing work. I am always interested in seeing what she will come up with next.

So here are my current top 5 blogs that I am really digging right now. Please feel free to leave a comment about other sites that you are currently into. I always love checking out new blogs.

Get Well Soon!

I have a new type of card for you. A change from all the Happy Birthdays.

This card showcases my first cuttable file. Although rather simple and only 2 layers, I consider it a cuttable file.  And very easy to make it in Silhouette studio.

I found the best glue for all the small parts is the 2 way glue pen by Zig Memory System. It works much better then a glue stick. And can get even the smallest pieces. I have not tried the Xyron Create A Sticker yet so I can’t compare right now. Until next time happy cutting.


Washi Cakes

Hello! I have another one of my framed card collection. Having a frame makes me feel like the card is more complete and filled out.  I also got to use my new Washi tape.

I wanted to show you a neat trick I learned. When you are cutting out the individual letters on your Silhouette there is a simple way to get them lined up exactly the way that you want them. First you have your cut letters placed exactly how you want them to look. Second, place the sticky side of a Post It note over the letters. Third, flip the Post It notes with the letters over. Fourth, add your adhesive, I choose to use dimensionals. Fifth, place your letters where you want to go on your card. And finally you have your letter spaced perfectly! Hopefully this little tidbit helps you out next time you have loose letters.

My First Cuttable Files

Happy Easter! I wanted to share with you a non-Easter card. It is something new that I just discovered.

The Silhouette it my first personal cutter and so I have discovered a whole new world with this machine. And now my world just got a whole lot bigger. I have found cuttable file sets, the ones where cut out all the layers of an image to create one. Kyoto Kuties, by Jin Yong at Under A Cherry Tree, is the first cuttable file that I decided to test out this past week. It was simple to put together and turned unbelievable cute. But here are a list of things that I learned.

  • Don’t move the eyes – I thought you had the cut out the eyes and then glue them but I just made more work for myself
  • Silhouette Studio can open GSD files
  • You need Silhouette Studio DESIGNER EDITION to open SVG files
  • Make the Cut – It is another program that will work with the Cameo but can be saved in many different format and can open as many format, but they currently do not have a MAC version yet.

So I had no idea that these images and files even existed. Now I have a bunch of ideas for other cuttable files that I want to create. So stay tuned to see what I come up with.