My First Cuttable Files

Happy Easter! I wanted to share with you a non-Easter card. It is something new that I just discovered.

The Silhouette it my first personal cutter and so I have discovered a whole new world with this machine. And now my world just got a whole lot bigger. I have found cuttable file sets, the ones where cut out all the layers of an image to create one. Kyoto Kuties, by Jin Yong at Under A Cherry Tree, is the first cuttable file that I decided to test out this past week. It was simple to put together and turned unbelievable cute. But here are a list of things that I learned.

  • Don’t move the eyes – I thought you had the cut out the eyes and then glue them but I just made more work for myself
  • Silhouette Studio can open GSD files
  • You need Silhouette Studio DESIGNER EDITION to open SVG files
  • Make the Cut – It is another program that will work with the Cameo but can be saved in many different format and can open as many format, but they currently do not have a MAC version yet.

So I had no idea that these images and files even existed. Now I have a bunch of ideas for other cuttable files that I want to create. So stay tuned to see what I come up with.


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