Washi Cakes

Hello! I have another one of my framed card collection. Having a frame makes me feel like the card is more complete and filled out.  I also got to use my new Washi tape.

I wanted to show you a neat trick I learned. When you are cutting out the individual letters on your Silhouette there is a simple way to get them lined up exactly the way that you want them. First you have your cut letters placed exactly how you want them to look. Second, place the sticky side of a Post It note over the letters. Third, flip the Post It notes with the letters over. Fourth, add your adhesive, I choose to use dimensionals. Fifth, place your letters where you want to go on your card. And finally you have your letter spaced perfectly! Hopefully this little tidbit helps you out next time you have loose letters.


2 thoughts on “Washi Cakes

  1. I love love love the photos that you’re taking. Great job!!! And I’m so impressed at the amount of cards you’re cranking out!!

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