Cutting Fun Foam…

Making your own stamp using fun foam. Who wouldn’t want that?

So I went to my local scrapbooking store and got to talking with one of the ladies who work there, who said that she just created a stamp using some foam that was cut by her Silhouette. This got me super excited, making your own stamps with your silhouette! I wanted to help my best friend out with all her new pen pal letters. She was looking for a way to have air mail stamp on her international envelopes. So I set out to make her a simple stamp that she could use.

I choose my image and set the Silhouette blade to 10 and slowed the speed down to 10 as well. Place the fun foam on the mat and was told to tape it down just in case it moved. And then I cut and cut and cut. I think I did double cut about 3 times, so that was cutting 6 times. And it was able to cut through the foam but not all the way and not in the same spot every time. As you can see below it did not cut smoothly especially around the edges. And to boot it dulled my blade as well. Not enough that I need to change the blades just yet. Needless to say I consider this a fail and you really should not cut fun foam. I hope you learn from my trial and error.


3 thoughts on “Cutting Fun Foam…

  1. Ohmigod, I love this. I know it dulled your blade–so sorry!!!–but as far as I am concerned, it is a success!!! I think that the fact the cuts weren’t completely smooth make it that more unique. Who else is going to have this stamp? JUST ME. Take that people.

    I love you!

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