Doctor Who?

This week is my best friend Laura’s birthday and in her honour I wanted to do Doctor Who theme week. So everyday this week I will be posting a little something that I made for her. If you want to see all the things early you can see it on her blog, here.

Day 1- The Tardis

I got this Tardis image on Pinterest. Used Silhouette Studio with the trace tool and used the offset tool to get the shape of the Tardis for the background.

For the writing on the front of the card I used the Chomas Creation. It is a holder that fits where the blade goes and then a pen can fit into that holder. So I put in my white gel pen and I was able to get the writing small enough and the font legible. I was also able to use a regular black pen for the sign on the Tardis.

I did run into some pit falls, I tried to complete the Tardis by writing the “Police Public Call Box”. But my hand was too heavy and it did not look right. Luckily the day before I was to give Laura her gifts my order from Chomas Creations came in the mail. This holder is amazing and most of all I can use any pen that I have. I love that it the actual sign although some parts are not legible since the font is too small but you can tell it is the sign. It makes it more like the real thing. I hope you enjoyed and come back tomorrow for more Dr. Who things. Until then Allons-y!


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who?

  1. Wow ! I grew up in the sixties with doctor who sothis brought back many pleasant memories. Love what you have done here, very clever and fabulously created, cant wait to see tommorrows !!!


  2. Love it! That was an amazing job on the tardis. Am totally a fan of Dr Who. Have you considered writing a tutorial (step by step) of the whole process? Tracing, cutting from jpegs and writing is not clear for some of us newbies with using the cameo.

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