“Exterminate! Exterminate!”

Day 2 – Dalek & Tardis

Did you know that the Silhouette Cameo can also cut vinyl?

I thought that Dr. Who week was the best time to try cutting vinyl. It was all very simple. It was just like cutting card stock. I took the same Tardis from Pinterest and this Dalek from Doodlecraft and used Silhouette Studio to get the details of the image and then placed the vinyl into the Silhouette and then cut away. Once the image is all cut you weed out the parts that are not part of the image. For the transfer paper I had to use Clear Contact Paper, a clear plastic used to line drawers and cabinets. I searched for the Silhouette transfer paper but I could not find it anywhere. I also found that other people used contact paper as a cheap alternative and it works really well. I can’t compare it to transfer paper but it did the job. I like how it is clear and that I could place exactly where you want it.


5 thoughts on ““Exterminate! Exterminate!”

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    • Sorry I don’t have the image any more. The best way to find images is to use the images search in Google using the words Tardis and stencil. Good Luck on you search!

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