Last Day of Doctor Who Week

Day 5 -Tardis Parking Stall

Today is the last day of Doctor Who week. And for the last day I have another vinyl piece. (Image removed upon author’s request.) I thought that it was a really cool image that I found when I was searching Doctor Who things.

This was made exactly like the vinyl stencils from Day 2 of Doctor Who week. Drag the image into Silhouette Studio and use the trace tool and cut. After weeded the excess vinyl away. Placed the Clear Contact Paper on top and now it is ready to be placed on anything.

I made this image to be about 5″ X 7″. I wanted have something larger so that it could be put a picture frame or even on poster board.  Another reason why I really like the doing things digitally is because it is so easy to enlarge or shrink things to the right size.

I have really enjoyed doing a theme week and I am definitely going to continue it one in the future. So stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by for Doctor Who week!

(Image removed upon author’s request.)


One thought on “Last Day of Doctor Who Week

  1. Thanks for Doctor Who week. It was awesome. If I ever perfect my working TARDIS, I’ll go back in time and re-live it all over again!

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