Hello Hipster Kitty!

Hey guys it’s been awhile so I have something great to show you. Here is a Hello Kitty card.

A Hello Kitty cared started with my best friend, Laura’s, suggestion that I make a hipster Hello Kitty. So I added some glasses from Jamie Koay, Funny Spectacle Mustache from the Silhouette Store. I think the glasses makes Hello Kitty even cutier than she already is!

I took an image of Hello Kitty and used Photoshop to separate the different layers. I wanted it have the pieces as whole as I can get them. So instead of puzzle like pieces they are just layers. I hope that make sense (these pictures should be able to help).

And to make it into a card. I used the weld tool to and align tools to make sure that everything was all lined up. That way I could have the whiskers on both the front and back of the card.




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