And out came the flowers

Today I have a how to flower lace pattern to share with you. It is very similar to my last post with the circle lace card. Again it was all created in Silhouette Studio

First off I started with creating a bunch of flowers. To create the flowers:

  1. Make an oval using the ellipse tool
  2. From there I sometimes used the offset tool to make an internal offset like with the circles. Don’t forget to subtract tool in the modify window if you want centers to be hollow.
  3. Select your oval and then go to the Replicate window.
  4. There you can choose to Rotate Three Copies or even up to five copies. Test each one out to see how it looks with more or less petals on your flower.
  5. Then weld all the copies together.
  6. Now you have your basic flower.

I made several different types of flowers using the same method but changed the number of replicates and the shapes.

When you are ready to piece the flowers together to get a lace pattern I highly recommended starting at the bottom, if you are creating a card similar to this one. That way you can get a straighter line at the bottom that looks more natural. I did not do that with the last circle card and that is why one part juts out more than I would have liked. So I think I will redo that one in the future.


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