Top 5 Card Making Blogs

Last month I shared with you my Top 5 Digital Cut Blogs and now I want to share with you my top 5 Card Making Blogs. I love seeing how others are creating their cards. I look for at their layouts, colour combinations, the techniques, and the products they use. That is where I learned out the Silhouette Cameo. Not all of these blogs use a Silhouette but they are doing some very inspirations things with their cards.

  1. KwernerDesign by Kristina Werner. To me she is the most inspirational not only in her card layouts and techniques, but her style. How she blogs, creates videos, and it just seems to all come so naturally to her.
  2. Damask Love by Amber. This a newly addition to my RSS reader. Her cards a clean and simple, just my kind of style
  3. Simply Stamped by Maile Belles. When I would look in Cards Magazine her cards were the most memorable to me. Her layouts are clean and simple just the way I like it!
  4. Alice’s {Little} Wonderland by Alice. She does amazing things with Copic markers. I love seeing how she colours and shades her images to give them more dimensions.
  5. Sugar Buffet Studio by Kryssi. She also has clean and simple card layouts with bright colours that just grab your attention.

As you can tell when I am blog searching I gravitate to the clean and simple designs. I realized that is the style that I am most comfortable with and the one that I get the most excited about out. Eventually I think my style will change and that is why I am going to continue these Top 5 lists to track the changes. Also, I want to share with you the blogs that motivate me to keep on making cards.


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