Thicker Fonts

Have you ever found the perfect font but it was just too thin?

I found that is usually the case with the Italic fonts. I need a more elegant font but they are always too thin for the card or the project that I am working on. And I like to get my Silhouette Cameo to a chance to cut things that are a bit larger.

To get thicker fonts:

  1. Choose your font and type your saying. Here I choose the font AltastGreeting.
  2. Go to the Offset Screen and click Offset
  3. Change the Offset Distance until you get to the thickness you want. I usually start at zero and then slowly increase the distance until I get it to where I want.
  4. Then delete the original font that I started off with
  5. And there you have your new thicker font

You can also change the edge of the fonts by changed the corner shape. For the cursive fonts I like to keep in the Round edges. But for a block font I would use the Corner option.

No more searching for the perfect sized font you can really used any font!


5 thoughts on “Thicker Fonts

  1. Have tried this with several different script fonts and it does is put a bubble around the letters but does not offset the letters to make them bigger and suggrstions?

    • Hi Barb,
      This does have it’s limitations. Maybe start with a larger font size and test it from there. Also make sure that you are using the offset and not the internal offset. Other than that I am not sure what else could help.

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