Back to School

It’s that time of the year again…. Back to School. I feel for the students going back. I remember having to leave the summer carefree days behind. In honour of the those going back to school here is a little something for you.

I coloured the zombie girl with Copic Markers. The image comes from Copic Marker Scrabooking blog,Making Our Mark. Used some red Rub On Letters and regular old black marker for the border. And rub one some brown ink on Kraft card stock.

I hope school isn’t too bad for those who have to go.


Stamp Edge Border Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to make your own Stamp Edge using the Silhouette Studio.

  1. Start by making a square or any shape you want the stamp edge on
  2. Create one small circle and then copy and paste a bunch of others. When you copy and paste you ensure that the size of the all the circles are the same.
  3. Select all the circles next you want to Align Center and then Space Vertically
  4. Place the circles over your square and align them as center as you want
  5. Take your knife tool and create a line over the border of the square, this will cut the circles in half
  6. Delete the outer half of the circles and trim up the edges so that everything fits into the square
  7. Then select the square with the half circles and you use the Subtract tool
  8. And now you will have your stamped boarder

Of course you can modify this by having smaller or larger stamped edge. If you need a border around your entire square I would recommend that before you use your Subtract tool to duplicate that row of half circles. That way you keep the circle size and the spacing exactly the same. I even Group the circles together to make them easier to work with.

Try it out and see just how easy it really is.