Top 4 Crochet Blogs

It’s been awhile since I did a Top 5 blog post. Today I want to share a few Crochet blogs that I have recently found. I’ve has some extra time on my hands and picked up crocheting again. Since I just picked this up I only have 4 blogs to share with you.

  1. Craft Passion by Joanne L. She has a lot of great ideas not only for crocheting but all different kids of crafts
  2. All About Ami by Stephanie. Her love for amigurumi (Japanese art of knitted/crocheted stuff animals) is quite contagious when you see how cute they are.
  3. Free Amigurumi Patterns by Jane. She goes out ans scours the internet for free patterns. And she finds the the cutest patterns. I definitely have some on my to make list.
  4. Moogly. They have a lot of tutorials and designs. I even used the bobble stitch to make a scarf. Easy to follow instructions.

So far I made what I am calling a kids scarf, it originally started out to be a blanket but I ran out of yarn. I didn’t care for the color so I just left it as is. And I am still working on this basket weave blanket.


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