Mail Art

Mail Art is something new that I have been introduced to me by my BFF Laura. It is where you decorate your envelope. Usually your envelope will house your handwritten pen pal letter.

Today I am going to show you some mail art that Laura and I worked on recently. We got some Mini Misters and filled them with about 10 drops of refill ink and the rest filled with water, and sprayed away.  We even experimented with some different designs by masking with shapes. I liked this method because we were able to create our own colours based on the saturation and hues that we wanted at the time. Maybe in the future  I will cut out a unique design in vinyl with the Silhouette Cameo and use that as a stencil. Some more delicate designs could be made.

So next time you are mailing your card or a letter remember to put your mark on the envelope as well. It makes receiving letters more exciting. My favorite mail art that I received in the mail was an envelope made out of an old map. You know when you are receiving an envelope like this the letter or card is going to be just as amazing.