Top 4 Crochet Blogs

It’s been awhile since I did a Top 5 blog post. Today I want to share a few Crochet blogs that I have recently found. I’ve has some extra time on my hands and picked up crocheting again. Since I just picked this up I only have 4 blogs to share with you.

  1. Craft Passion by Joanne L. She has a lot of great ideas not only for crocheting but all different kids of crafts
  2. All About Ami by Stephanie. Her love for amigurumi (Japanese art of knitted/crocheted stuff animals) is quite contagious when you see how cute they are.
  3. Free Amigurumi Patterns by Jane. She goes out ans scours the internet for free patterns. And she finds the the cutest patterns. I definitely have some on my to make list.
  4. Moogly. They have a lot of tutorials and designs. I even used the bobble stitch to make a scarf. Easy to follow instructions.

So far I made what I am calling a kids scarf, it originally started out to be a blanket but I ran out of yarn. I didn’t care for the color so I just left it as is. And I am still working on this basket weave blanket.


Top 5 Scrapbooking Blogs

Hey Guys! I have another Top 5 posts for you. Today I want to share my favorite Scrapbooking Blogs. Truth be told I am not a scrapbooker, I have scrapbooked one major event in my life and it was really tough for me complete. I think the larger layouts scare me and I never feel like the page is complete and therefore I don’t like it. But I love looking at everyone else’s pages. They are so inspiring and memorable. Also, make me very envious of all their talent. They make it all seem so effortless.

  1. A Little Bit of Me by Susan Weinworth. She has the most adorable kids! Her scrapbook pages of her family are bright and fun. I really wish I could scrapbook like her.
  2. It’s Me KP by Kelly Purkey. I love her style. She is super creative and uses product in different ways that all work so well together. I am also incredible jealous of all the traveling that this girl does.
  3. Amy Tangerine by Amy Tangerine. Everything that she does has a very SoCal vibe to it that I love. Her pages are laid back, simple, and filled with colours.
  4. Studio by American Craft. I know that this is a major Brand name in the scrapbooking world but they have bright and bold products that add great colour to every layout. But what I like about this blog is there a whole team that post their layouts and I love everyone’s pages.
  5. Clouds Color Garden by Claudia Shadler. Her layouts are simple yet eye catching. It is something that I am always trying to strive for.

As with my Top 5 Card Making Blogs I like the simple page layouts with pops of colour. I hope you enjoy my Top 5 Scrapbooking Blogs!

Top 5 Card Making Blogs

Last month I shared with you my Top 5 Digital Cut Blogs and now I want to share with you my top 5 Card Making Blogs. I love seeing how others are creating their cards. I look for at their layouts, colour combinations, the techniques, and the products they use. That is where I learned out the Silhouette Cameo. Not all of these blogs use a Silhouette but they are doing some very inspirations things with their cards.

  1. KwernerDesign by Kristina Werner. To me she is the most inspirational not only in her card layouts and techniques, but her style. How she blogs, creates videos, and it just seems to all come so naturally to her.
  2. Damask Love by Amber. This a newly addition to my RSS reader. Her cards a clean and simple, just my kind of style
  3. Simply Stamped by Maile Belles. When I would look in Cards Magazine her cards were the most memorable to me. Her layouts are clean and simple just the way I like it!
  4. Alice’s {Little} Wonderland by Alice. She does amazing things with Copic markers. I love seeing how she colours and shades her images to give them more dimensions.
  5. Sugar Buffet Studio by Kryssi. She also has clean and simple card layouts with bright colours that just grab your attention.

As you can tell when I am blog searching I gravitate to the clean and simple designs. I realized that is the style that I am most comfortable with and the one that I get the most excited about out. Eventually I think my style will change and that is why I am going to continue these Top 5 lists to track the changes. Also, I want to share with you the blogs that motivate me to keep on making cards.

Top 5 Digital Cut Blogs

So you have a new cutting machine what can you cut and what is out there that you can cut. Upon my scours of the internet for all things Silhouette and cuttable files I wanted to share with you some of the awesome sites that I have a permanent home on my RSS reader. I would also like you to know that some of these sites are not just Silhouette users. I try and draw inspiration and information for as many places as possible.

  1.  A Cherry Tree Top by Jin Yong. She has some great reviews and a lot of super cute cuttables.This is where I got the Kyoto Kuties cuttable files.
  2. A Little Hut by Patricia Zapata has an amazing talent for all thing paper. Her designs are so simple and elegant. I draw a lot of inspiration from her work.
  3. Chomas Creations by Amy Chomas. She doing some really amazing things with the Chomas pen holder, engraving, writing with gel pens, and even drawing with the Silhouette. This is definitely on my wishlist.
  4. Pretty Paper Paper Ribbons by Lisa. I really like what she has done to her cards as well as to all of her paper creations. She takes the cuttable files and add her own touch to make them all unique.
  5. Laurens Creative by Lauren Brewer. She also has done some amazing work. I am always interested in seeing what she will come up with next.

So here are my current top 5 blogs that I am really digging right now. Please feel free to leave a comment about other sites that you are currently into. I always love checking out new blogs.