Sorry Your Sick!

Brains, Brains, Brains, Brains… *cough cough*…  Being sick sucks. Being sick in the summer suck even more. That is me right now. Since I am sick I thought I would make myself a get well card.

It is a zombie get well card! For the card I used my Copic Markers and I got the digital stamp from Copic Marker Scrapbooking blog, Making Our Mark. they are giving away their zombie digital collection for free this week. This is also where I buy my Copic’s online. I found they have a the best price and the best part is shipping is free. Check them out when you have a chance if you are interested in Copics.

This ones for you Apis!

Apis is a wonderful friend that I met through my husband. Her and her husband have been friends with my husband for a long time. Recently we found out that Apis has cancer. She just had major surgery to remove the cancer. And it sounds like things are going well! If you would like read more about her you can visit her here.

To encourage Apis in a speedy recovery and to support her I made her this card.