Glass Etching, How To…

Since the Silhouette Cameo can cut vinyl, you can create your own stencil to etch glass with!

So I tried my hand at glass etching. I bought this glass mug from the dollar store.

  1. Measure how big you want the image or the words to be.
  2. Open Silhouette Studio and start creating the stencil that you want to cut into the vinyl, keep in mind the size so it can fit on your glass ware.
  3. Load up your vinyl and hit the cut button. **Don’t forget to adjust the rollers for the vinyl.
  4. Weed out the parts where you want the glass etching to go.
  5. Place transfer paper or contact paper over your stencil and transfer it to your clean glass ware.
  6. Smoother a good layer of glass etching cream. ( I used Armour Etch ) Wait the time allotted in the instructions. (Mine said 5 minutes)
  7. Once your time is up rinse off the cream. ( I have heard that you can scrap the cream back into the bottle and can be reused )
  8. Remove your stencil. And your beautiful glass etching should appear.

There is a warning on the back of the etch cream “will not etch plastic or some Pyrex”. I originally wanted to etch my name on the side of my glass water bottles that I use at work. But I could not get the glass to etch. I tried 3 times but still no go. So I think my glass bottles were made of Pyrex?… So just be aware that it might not work on all glass and probably the cheaper glass the most likely this will work.

Good luck!