Happy Father’s Day!

Well it is not Father’s Day quite yet but I wanted to show you the card that I made for my father.

I used the Silhouette Studio to create the “Happy Father’s Day” text and cut out the tie. For the text I typed out the text with the font that I wanted and centered the font. To get the fonts close enough to weld together I modified the Character Spacing and Line Spacing. It changes the font spacing horizontally and vertically so they can get the letter close enough to be welded together. It really makes working with fonts really easy.

For the tie I used an image I found and traced around the tie and cut it out. I also used the internal offset to cut the knot of the tie again. I did this to make add a dimensional to make the tie look more 3-D.

I added white gel pen around the edges to give it the card a nice frame.

I hope everyone has a great Father’s Day!


This ones for you Apis!

Apis is a wonderful friend that I met through my husband. Her and her husband have been friends with my husband for a long time. Recently we found out that Apis has cancer. She just had major surgery to remove the cancer. And it sounds like things are going well! If you would like read more about her you can visit her here.

To encourage Apis in a speedy recovery and to support her I made her this card.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

How I wonder what you would look like as paper lace…

I wanted to make another lace using star shapes instead. I used the same method as I did with the circle lace and the flower lace but with a star instead.

  1. Take an image of a star and traced it in Silhouette Studio and then used the internal offset and subtract the two. That will give you a hollowed out star
  2. Start at the bottom by aligning the stars across the bottom and work your way up to the top
  3. I create a rectangle with the rectangle tool to measure the size of the card stock front. So for this one I did 5.5″ X 4.25″. And then I do an internal offset. This way I know where the outer border so that it fits on the card nicely.
  4. Then I weld all the stars together don’t forget to include the border if you want a border
  5. Now everything is welded and if you included a border you have bits that are sticking out and does not look clean. To get a clean straight border I use the Knife tool (officially it is called the Detach Lines tool, but I will refer to it as the knife tool because it looks like a knife and acts like a knife) to cut down the length of the border. Hold down the SHIFT key to get a straight line.
  6. The extra bits have now been cut away and are not connected to your star lace. Just highlight the parts you don’t one and then hit DELETE and now you should have a clean border. Now you can repeat for all the other sides
  7. Now that they edges are clean I wanted to spruce up the inside of the lace. There are certain parts that jagged and need a smoother connection. (see image below, the pic explains it a lot better!) Select the entire image and right click and select release compound path.
  8. The compound path makes it so the images is capable of being edited even further. Sometimes you get the really small cut, for these cuts I just delete them because I know that the Silhouette Cameo won’t be able to cut them anyways.
  9. For the jagged parts I double click on that line. This way the points on the path are visible. On the square boxes I adjust them until I get a straighter line or until I think makes it look smoother. Sometimes it is hard to get the boxes to lines up exactly just try and do your best in the end the Silhouette won’t care since it is too small for it to recognize.

And now you have your star lace. I know it seems like there are a lot of instructions but it really isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it. And you would even use these steps for many other projects to come. I promise!

Until next time. I hope you enjoy!

And out came the flowers

Today I have a how to flower lace pattern to share with you. It is very similar to my last post with the circle lace card. Again it was all created in Silhouette Studio

First off I started with creating a bunch of flowers. To create the flowers:

  1. Make an oval using the ellipse tool
  2. From there I sometimes used the offset tool to make an internal offset like with the circles. Don’t forget to subtract tool in the modify window if you want centers to be hollow.
  3. Select your oval and then go to the Replicate window.
  4. There you can choose to Rotate Three Copies or even up to five copies. Test each one out to see how it looks with more or less petals on your flower.
  5. Then weld all the copies together.
  6. Now you have your basic flower.

I made several different types of flowers using the same method but changed the number of replicates and the shapes.

When you are ready to piece the flowers together to get a lace pattern I highly recommended starting at the bottom, if you are creating a card similar to this one. That way you can get a straighter line at the bottom that looks more natural. I did not do that with the last circle card and that is why one part juts out more than I would have liked. So I think I will redo that one in the future.

Circle Circle Dot Dot…

It has been awhile since I created something from scratch.  I am proud to say that this card was entirely made in Silhouette Studio. It is a circle pattern that I have seen around. I really liked the pattern so I decided to make it into a card, but it could easily be made to be a scrapbook page.

To create hollow circles

  1. To create perfect circles in Silhouette Studio and Photoshop hold down the SHIFT key when adjusting the size of the circle.
  2. To make the center of the circles hollow I did an internal offset in the Offset Menu.
  3. Select the inner and outer circles and under the Modify Menu used the Subtract tool.
  4. Now you have a hollow circle, so when you weld the circles together they will weld with the hollow circles and not just have the outer circles weld obscuring the inner ring. If you are working in Silhouette Studio you will know what I mean by this. It is super frustrating.
  5. And then when you are done send it to your Silhouette Cameo to cut.

And Ta Da! You have an your own circle design.

Last Day of Doctor Who Week

Day 5 -Tardis Parking Stall

Today is the last day of Doctor Who week. And for the last day I have another vinyl piece. (Image removed upon author’s request.) I thought that it was a really cool image that I found when I was searching Doctor Who things.

This was made exactly like the vinyl stencils from Day 2 of Doctor Who week. Drag the image into Silhouette Studio and use the trace tool and cut. After weeded the excess vinyl away. Placed the Clear Contact Paper on top and now it is ready to be placed on anything.

I made this image to be about 5″ X 7″. I wanted have something larger so that it could be put a picture frame or even on poster board.  Another reason why I really like the doing things digitally is because it is so easy to enlarge or shrink things to the right size.

I have really enjoyed doing a theme week and I am definitely going to continue it one in the future. So stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by for Doctor Who week!

(Image removed upon author’s request.)


Day 4 -Allons-y! (Let’s Go!)

Today I have another card for you. With Doctor Who’s famous phrase “Allons-y”. It is a basic card that could be used for any occasion.

One more reason that the Cameo is great is that you can use any font that you have on your computer. For this card I used the Doctor Who font. When you download the font file, transfer the tff, true type font, or otf, open font type, to the folder where your fonts are kept on your computer. Now when you open up Silhouette Studio your font will can be used when you click on the Text Icon. As you can see below I cut the phrase “Allons-y” on the card front and glued that down on card.

For the little Tardis I used this stencil. I wanted something that wasn’t as detailed because I knew that I the Tardis will be small. To give the Tardis a little extra pop I used dimensionals to raise them up. Also, to have the Tardis stand out just a little more on the card face I used the offset tool around the Tardis so there is a gap and the black of the card comes through.